Three reasons why the technology department should not do training

Training frustration

Preliminary Consideration: I write this post with the highest respect and affection in mind towards the people who work in technology departments, with whom I have always had an impeccable relationship.

The temptation to burden the technology department with the training of new software or new processes is perfectly understandable; After all, have not they been the ones who have designed and developed the technological solution? However here below we will list three reasons that will prove that this is not a good idea. No doubt there are more reasons, but we will limit ourselves to these three.

1. They don’t want to

The technology department is not interested in training. Its task is to analyse, define and develop technological solutions based on the requirements of the Product Management team. Burdening the employees of the technology department with the task of training the users of new software or process only deviates them from their main task, it increases the final cost and it reduces effectiveness.

2. They can’t

They do not have the skills to train operations departments. It is one thing to design and develop a technological solution that will be used by different operations departments, another very different thing is to explain it from the user’s point of view. People in technology departments focus too much on the technological infrastructure, which in the end is what they are supposed to do; but during training sessions, you have to focus on the operations carried out by the users.

3. The solution is their baby

Training is a tough task. Not only must the trainer master the technological solution in detail, he also has to be able to explain it in a way that the audience retains the transferred knowledge. But above all it can be a hard task because the trainer will have to face difficult questions or even direct criticism. People who have been intensely involved in the process of creating the technological solution will find it difficult to accept that people criticize it. After all, the technological solution has become their little baby.

Let the technology department do what they do best: analyse, design and develop technological solutions. Entrust the training to professional trainers who will develop, in close collaboration with the technological department, a training plan adapted to the needs of the users.