How can the WAT Method help you?

The WAT Smart Training Method includes a range of actions that turns your training and learning programme into a success and guarantees high productivity from day one after implementation of products, software or processes.

How is the WAT Smart Training Method structured? The WAT method consists of four basic principles that cover the entire training and learning activity of your team.

These criteria also comprehend the creation and publication of documentation, as for the WAT method, documentation is a fundamental part of training and learning.

Smart Training

Analysis, preparation and planning

  • Who: we analyse who of your employees or customer’s employees need training.
  • What: we define what they need to be trained on.
  • How: we design the best training and learning strategy for each topic.
  • When: we create a training and learning agenda adapted to the training needs, reducing the impact on the day to day operation to a minimum.


  • We create the training and e-learning packages.
  • We establish a logical training and e-learning structure.
  • We create the best training material for each training format.
  • We create and publish your manuals or user guides.

Training and Learning Delivery

We provide best quality training in the ideal time frame for your company, customer or partners.

We constantly evaluate the success of knowledge transfer.


We follow up the trained teams and we support them in the first weeks after the launch of a product or the implementation of software and processes.

Which training formats do we offer?

  • E-learning
  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online Training
  • Video Training