The Productivity Gap

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Overcome the Productivity Gap from the very beginning of your product, software and process implementations. Thanks to the WAT method you will develop your full growth potential.

Overcome the Productivity Gap


Leap. The people who take the decision to implement new software or processes have but one main goal; increasing productivity and profitability. Their expectation is that this increase occurs from day one after the implementation, because that is how the solution has been sold to them. Their expectation is a leap to greater productivity.


Drop. Reality often shows the opposite; a severe decline in productivity just after the implementation due to bad employee training and preparation, followed by a slow and painful recovery eventually resulting in an increase of productivity that is below expectations. This process causes frustration and demotivation among employees. At this stage there is a real risk of loss of customers and employees, often your best employees, as they will suffer most from stress and frustration.

The WAT method

Gradual Growth. With the WAT method you will overcome the productivity gap and you will see a gradual increase in productivity from day one after the implementation of new software or processes. The success of your new projects will be guaranteed thanks to an effective training and learning plan, a set of good documentation and an extensive communication with the project managers and the technological departments; three of the main pillars of the What About Training method. Your employees, customers and partners will be motivated, ambitious and satisfied and will help to meet or even to exceed the original expectations.
Well-trained and motivated employees are the best guarantee for the success of your new projects.